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Merger of Basel BioBAC (Business Angels Club) and BioValley Basel to form new industry association 

On January 10th, 2022 the merger of two of the longest-standing life science industry associations in Basel, the Basel BioBAC and BioValley Basel, was unanimously approved by both member meetings.  For many years, Basel BioBAC and Basel BioValley have shared members, participants and contributors, and have collaborated on regular industry events.  The two organisations will now be merged formally into a single organisation under the name BioValley Basel.


The new organisation aims to continue the roles played by the two legacy organisations and to maintain its position as the leading, wholly independent, life science industry association in Basel.  The so-called “Basel cluster” is a dynamic life sciences industrial cluster operating within a rich local ecosystem.  The newly merged BioValley Basel Association strives to play a facilitative role within this ecosystem, aiming to:


  • provide a platform to match its members’ investment interests with life science start-up companies from the region
  • foster a local networking and integration platform across the many and varied stakeholders in the Basel life sciences community
  • play a role in the tri-national BioValley cluster.


We are convinced that merging both organizations to a single one, expands the offering for members, such as start up support, business angel investments and partnering and collaboration opportunities across the trinational life-science ecosystem – and more.


The BioValley Basel Association will hold future events bringing life science companies to a wider local audience, and will continue to foster the relationships with Business Angels and other life science industry stakeholders, either remotely or in-person, as appropriate. 


The Board of the newly merged BioValley Basel Association will consist of the following members:


Matthias Staehelin (Chair), Lead Partner Life Sciences, Vischer AG

Thomas Möller (Treasurer), venture investor and General Partner, BioMed Partners

Nicholas Benedict, biotechnology entrepreneur and CEO of Vaderis Therapeutics AG

Hans-Andreas Engel, serial entrepreneur and investor in biotechnology and IT sectors

Neil Goldsmith, serial entrepreneur in life sciences and sustainability sectors

Ruedi Gygax, Innosuisse expert, coach and angel investor

Trudi Hämmerli, investor and Partner SNGLR Group

Ariane Hegel Reynolds, Chapter Lead and Co-Lead Innovation Office, University of Basel, Business Angel

Sara Núñez-Garcia, venture investor, Partner and co-Founder Forty51 Ventures

Zaki Sellam, entrepreneur and CEO Avicenna Oncology GmbH

Georg Wiebecke, angel investor and consultant.



We look forward to your participation in the future activities and initiatives of the newly merged BioValley Association.


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